Brexit was the beginning – it’s time for a people’s revolution

Today,  ‘liberal-left’ or ‘progressive’ ideas are all pervasive, whilst the ‘Conservative’ Party and its allies fail to defend or preserve anything. The organic social, spiritual, legal and economic institutions have been compromised and undermined in the name of vague and often conflicting promises of prosperity and equality.  This, whilst a global, ideological elite rule the roost: Dominating much of Europe with little accountability.

People have witnessed the rise of an ‘elite class’ –  a network of hyper-connected business, banking and tech tycoons and billionaires who bankroll and control NGO’s, larger political parties and governments like puppets on a string. Often times, celebrities and much of the modern mainstream media are their mouthpieces that read the scripts and trot out their talking points – word for word. (Someone refers to this as fake news..)

What remains has in many instances been filled by little more than blind consumerism, broken communities and social, spiritual and moral decline.  

Something is beginning to change though. In 2016 –  17.4 Million of us believed in the strength of our own nation and voted to take back control of our laws, land and borders from the monolithic E.U. and its paymasters.  In 2016, Donald J. Trump was elected as U.S. President on a promise of putting the American people first. (He is actually delivering on manifesto pledges – so clearly not reading from their script..)

There have been other notable developments too: We’ve seen the beginnings of a growth in patriotic populist movements in Europe. One example of this can be found in Germany – where the AfD has come from nowhere in four years,  to  become Germany’s opposition party. Another example is in Italy – possibly the biggest political earthquake to date, when the League and the Five Star Movement formed the new ruling coalition –  ‘the People’s Government’ on a promise to put Italy First. There are other examples too which prove that across Europe; many people are beginning to waken up to the realities of the world we are now living in.

Brexit started it all, but the very same people are still in power and they will do anything possible to deny us the freedoms which we democratically achieved at the ballot box. Mrs. May’s Chequers ‘White Paper’ is proof (if it was ever needed) that they may  allow us to leave in name –  but not in reality. Despite what the BBC will tell you –  the surge in UKIP support during the last few weeks is evidence that people know exactly what they voted for two years ago, and they will not be denied it.  Leave Means Leave, Brexit means total EU exit: Those are not just slogan’s.  However, Brexit is only the first chapter in the fight for freedom. 

At every level of government, and even within our education system –  in schools and campuses across the country; it’s clear that free speech is under attack. In a true democracy, when someone finds another’s ideas and opinions disagreeable, the solution ought to be a proper debate.  Yet instead of trying to persuade others to see their point of view –  many within society prefer to use the institutions of Government to censor, or hide behind absurd legal threats to bully their opponents into silence. Efforts like this are designed to stamp out meaningful debate and chill contrasting opinions.

In a United Kingdom context, UKIP is the one party dedicated to protecting freedom of speech and association for every person—no matter who they are or how much money they have. You don’t have to always agree with someone to recognise that they have a right to an opinion.  

As has been evidenced by the 2014 European elections, by the referendum result in 2016 and more recently, with the surge in UKIP membership and support – UKIP is a genuine political threat to the establishment across this nation: A threat that once again sits on 8% nationally (and growing), it’s highest vote share for almost two years. 

Brexit was round one. Surely it’s now time that we finished the job and had a people’s political revolution of our own?