It is incomprehensible that the border issue has been allowed, never mind tolerated as a pawn in the Brexit Barter stakes.

When the Prime Minister committed to the pernicious ‘back stop’ arrangement, the writing was on the wall. The clear intention to sacrifice our historic partitioned border was a hurtful, spiteful and nasty piece of work.

Now it sits as an alternative to a customs union border set in the Irish Sea. Mrs. May – in her hot pursuit of brokering any sort of deal with Brussels has conceded in her White Paper that Northern Ireland is the weakest link.

‘The threat of a border in the Irish sea not only remains, but is rising’ is how Ben Lowry (News Letter) spelt it out last Saturday.

Be in no doubt that in welcoming our Government throwing in the towel – Leo Varadkar is not indicating that the Irish will withdraw their grip hold on the border. Far from it.

As a direct consequence of the Prime Minister pushing a softer than soft version of Brexit – as evidenced by her rolling over to the darling remainer elitists – and abandoning true control of our borders; she will vote for driving a customs border into the Irish Sea.

The ‘Brexit means Brexit’ call by the vicars daughter has turned into a disgraceful deceit. Such duplicity now sees her true Brexit mandate a demoralised busted flush – as demonstrated in a Sky poll reporting that a whopping 63% do not trust Mrs. May to deliver the Brexit they voted for.

As the Daily Telegraph editorial commented on the White Paper, ‘there is a looming sense of a sell-out.’

No longer can leavers believe that this Prime Minister will fight to achieve a true Brexit. No longer can Unionism be confident that this Conservative and ‘Unionist’ P.M. will protect our border and maintain its jurisdiction as the property of the United Kingdom.


The Chequers white paper is the epitome of a very ‘bad deal’ and is a massive climbdown- capitulating to  whatever Brussels dictates.

Gone are the red-lines including control of our borders. Who would have thought that a British Prime Minister’s future rests not with her party, not with the people, but is entirely left in the hands of the E.U.  in Brussels.

Unless Theresa May is replaced quickly by someone willing and able to save Brexit and willing to uphold the integrity of our Great Union; then who will save Northern Ireland from the border transferring by stealth to Irish control under E.U. dictation?


Opinion piece by David McNarry

Former UKIP MLA & Leader in NI