Right from the moment Theresa May was installed as Tory Leader, after all of the other candidates were bullied and cajoled out of the running,  and the ordinary members denied a vote (which wouldn’t have been for her), I’ve stated my belief that she was installed to frustrate Brexit and keep us either in the EU, or tied as closely as possible to it whilst maintaining the façade of leaving.


The ‘big turd’ (to quote the  former Foreign Secretary) she presented at Chequers has cemented this belief –  and it was further vindicated by the resignation of Brexit Secretary, David Davis, and others.
Mr Davis made clear at the time that the proposed position does not satisfy the Tory’s own manifesto pledges (upon which May’s government were re-elected) and is very bad for the country as a whole.
As has been the case throughout her ministerial career, May has ignored the wishes of the British people and instead acted in the interests of the corporate globalists who pull her strings (whoever they might be..)  

May has lied to and betrayed us all and that is how history will remember her.


By Keith Lonsdale

UKIP Northern Ireland – Regional Secretary