Before the lights are switched off by the Prime Minister; blanking out the people’s right to their democratic decision on Brexit: Will someone spell out how the Government White Paper benefits Northern Ireland?

The (Chequers) plan is to put us into a trade zone; supposedly neutral to the U.K. , Ireland and the E.U. by way of a fanciful facilitated ‘customs arrangement’ which magically removes customs checks and controls.

The falsehood woven into the duplicitous Downing Street spin is that this is going to ‘protect the Union.’  In fact what it will achieve will be a red-tape tariff collectors bureaucratic nightmare.

This isn’t ‘taking back control.’ No, Mrs. May has rolled over and sold out control of the border by handing over control to the E.U. and effectively the Irish Government. Are the DUP seriously supporting this strategy?

They appear to have bought into the ‘common rule-book’ contraption which places our agri-food business into harmonisation; conforming to and absolutely within E.U. rules. This prevents producers making trade deals outside the E.U.

David Davis is far from being alone in concluding that this white paper will not benefit the U.K. in any respect whatsoever.  He correctly asserts that the proposals are unworkable.

His stance is gaining momentum as people wake up to the white paper really being the hoisting of the white flag in total surrender to the E.U.

This is no longer Brexit,  it is Flexit –  leaving the U.K. wide open to Brussels demanding more concessions from a weakened British Prime Minister.

Opinion Piece by David McNarry

Former UKIP MLA & Leader in NI