Throughout the United Kingdom, people are awakening to the lies and deceit of mainstream political parties and their cohorts in the media. 

Ordinary people, some never before interested in politics have become angered by attacks on free speech and the gagging of anyone who dares to speak against the current hard left and Cultural Marxist agenda. 

We, the people are sick of the lies and double speak. We are tired of waiting for our democratically achieved EU Exit to be honoured and delivered in full. 

The grassroots of this nation have awoken and many are joining UKIP throughout our lands.
It is no different here in Northern Ireland, with a fantastic 10% rise in membership over the last month alone. 

No matter if you are new to politics or a seasoned campaigner frustrated with the dithering mainstream; now is the time for you to join our movement and help lead our great country towards the freedom and prosperity it deserves.

Help us take control of our Country back now and join the authentic party for Brexit and the party for the people of this country, in all corners of it. Stand up for the nation and join UKIP.

Robert Hill 

UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland