Dup: Failing on Brexit and no longer a party for true democrats and unionists

The Dup have shown over and over how far they’ve departed from the causes, policies  and principles that they championed as “keystone issues” on their road to the top table.

They have become nothing more than a light, at times contradictory version of the 1998 Uup; who Robinson and co. condemned and accused of “selling their souls” for positions of power.

It’s hardly a surprising turn of events. Since then, some of the rejects from the Uup have taken control of the Dup.

Like their partners in power, the Conservatives; the modern-day Dup are a party conditioned to being in power and they’ll do almost anything to cling to that power. “Selling their souls” for seats at the top and the positions, trappings and financial reward that come with it?

While many ordinary people are struggling with bills and the cost of living, the Stormont Assembly hasn’t met for sixteen months; yet the Dup and the other legacy parties seem  content for their MLAs and Stormont Officials to continue to get huge salaries and allowances for little work. They are content with the broken and failing system of devolved (non) Government that allowed this to happen, and is unworkable long-term. Are we, the people getting value for money with these elected representatives?

Under the Dup’s watch, ‘Sunday is no longer special’, the anti-British/ PUL hatred inherent within institutions such as the Gaa  is now seemingly acceptable, and contrary to their own previously espoused public views; they are chasing ‘LGBT votes.’

Quite apart from the moral issues which the Dup always trumpeted as their key issues, there is Brexit. This party that call themselves Brexiteers prop up a weak Prime  Minister who is no closer to delivering what 17.4 Million people voted for than she was two years ago.  True Eurosceptics know that Brexit means a total break and exit from the EU, single market and customs union with no special arrangements, and no fudges. Where are the Dup calling for all of this?

Do the Dup have a stance on uncontrolled unskilled immigration into our country? Are they aware of the impact this has on jobs, the health-service and wages? Do they care?   Do they have a position on freedom of speech? Or do they not care much for that either?

It would seem that the the modern day version of that party has one core key principle above all: Self-preservation  at all costs.

Many long-serving grassroots members, past and present have spoken against the rapid changes within that party; with a number  recently being disciplined for daring to question what they term ‘the new Gestapo.’  The cabal now controlling the Dup act swiftly in getting rid of dissenting voices.

Never, Never, Never has been replaced with: Money, concession, u-turn, concession, Money, Money, Money.

Recent press releases show the DUP are widely split over Brexit. Spokesmen are contradicting other spokesmen. Some are content with a watered down Brexit in name only, others not so much. Some were remainers who would be right at home beside Anna Soubry on the (so-called) Conservative back-benches.

It’s time for the real democrats, real patriots, real UK Unionists and true Brexiteers in that party and others to look themselves in the mirror and make a stand with the only  UK wide party for the  people of this nation.

Now is the time to stand up for the nation and join the patriotic movement for the entire United Kingdom: UKIP.

Robert Hill
UKIP Spokesman for NI