NI Secretary Bradley should call time now on charade of full MLA pay 


Bradley should call time now on the charade of full MLA pay 

Six months ago, the Government’s advice was that MLA pay should be cut.
Three months ago, Parliament gave NI Secretary – Karen Bradley authority to cut MLA pay immediately.

Despite some MLAs saying their pay should be cut, no action has been taken yet and the NI Secretary says she’ll act “in due course.”


Commenting on this, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland, Robert Hill says:


“Seventeen months with no fully functioning Assembly and executive, yet MLAs are still getting full-time pay for a job they are only partly doing. Where else would this be acceptable?

“Many people across Northern Ireland are scraping by on lower incomes by working full time hours and in many cases, in temporary jobs with no job security.

“It’s therefore another warped local situation where we’ve had no functioning Assembly or Executive – yet ninety MLAs are still paid handsome full-time salaries and expenses; for the privilege of not carrying out the most basic function(s) of their job.

“Would an electrician, builder or mechanic get full pay if they downed tools for a lengthy period?

“The answer is no. Yet it would appear that there’s a different rule for our MLAs who have spent just 46 minutes inside the Chamber they were elected to in those seventeen months. It’s unjustifiable for this practice to continue.”

Continuing, Mr. Hill added:         

“We are again calling on the Secretary of State to bring an end to her campaign of dithering and to take action now by ending this charade of full MLA pay.”


“However, we believe that Her Majesty’s Government should go further and call time on this flawed, failed and expensive version of legislative devolution which has long since run its course. It’s time to look towards other models for the Governance of Northern Ireland.”

UKIP Leader, Gerard Batten MEP demands justice for NI Veterans who are being unjustly persecuted #JFNIV

Speaking in the European Parliament earlier this week, UKIP Leader, Gerard Batten MEP called for an amnesty for the brave ex-servicemen, (many of whom are now in their sixties and seventies) who put their lives on the line in Northern Ireland decades ago “to defend us against the cowardly murderers and terrorists in the IRA. Sometimes when facing this terror “they had to make split-second life and death decisions in an instant.”

Mr. Batten said that  “Northern Ireland veterans were being unjustly persecuted” and the cruel irony is that while the very “IRA Terrorists and murderers” who they were defending us against  “received an amnesty under the Good Friday Agreement and were able to walk away from their crimes,” they are being targeted in a clear witch hunt.

Mr. Batten called for “an act of Parliament for an amnesty for these ex-servicemen.” 

Gerard Batten with Dennis Hutchings, who faces charges over the shooting of an IRA suspect while a serving soldier in NI in 1974

Instead of ending this witch-hunt, the Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley has now refused to intervene citing human rights. She claimed intervention “would fall foul of the European Convention on Human Rights to give an amnesty to one side only.”

Clearly the fact that many IRA terrorists were freed under the Belfast Agreement has slipped the Secretary of State’s memory. This is unacceptable. It is also another example of how out of touch and out of her depth this Secretary of State is.

UKIP is calling on the Government to act now to STOP THE WITCH HUNT.  We need to see some Justice for Northern Ireland Veterans.



Does Royal Mail have a rule for one group and another rule for everyone else?

Open letter to Royal Mail sent 14/06/2018

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I notice with interest two – what some may call, conflicting stories in yesterday’s press (13/06/18) both concerning Royal Mail.

In the first article, ( ) it was reported that postal workers were banned from displaying their national flag during the World Cup. A Royal Mail Spokesperson referred specifically to a company-wide policy relating to flags and stickers covering trollies, bikes, vans and lorries where; ‘no other flag or insignia’ should be carried next to the Royal Mail branding.’

In the second article, ( ) a Royal Mail Centre Manager, Mark Aspen revealed a Royal Mail lorry emblazoned with the rainbow flag and emblem accompanied by the slogan; ‘delivering with PRIDE,’ both placed directly beside the Royal Mail insignia and branding.

Mr. Aspen stated: “We are delighted to support our LGBT colleagues and bring the rainbow truck to Northern Ireland to help us deliver the mail in a unique way.”

These conflicting stories lead to a few questions I hope you can answer:


1) Does Royal Mail have one rule for managers and another for its postal workers in relation to flags and insignia?


2) Does Royal mail put support for LGBT colleagues above support for all other groups; in this particular case – football supporters? 


3) If the answer to both questions above is no; then why is the rainbow flag/emblem allowed while all others are not?


I look forward with great interest to reading your response.

Robert Hill

UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland

Where are the true Brexiteers hiding?

Where are the true Brexiteers hiding?

Commenting on Mrs. May’s Brexit ‘negotiations’ and the current state of play with our EU Exit, UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland, Robert Hill said:

“We often read about the ‘Brexiteers in Cabinet’ and the ‘Rebels.’ We are also told that the Dup and those on the Tory benches are in favour of a ‘sensible brexit.’

“What is their definition of a ‘Sensible Brexit?’ Is this ‘sensible Brexit’ one where we continue to be wedded to the  Customs Union until 2021? Is a ‘sensible’ EU Exit one where we continue to have no trade deals with commonwealth or other non- EU nations and have no real say on controlling our borders or our fishing waters?

“Is it perhaps some other half in – half out Brussels fudge that we haven’t yet been told about?

Whatever the case may be; where are the real Brexiteers hiding?”

Commenting further, Robert added:

“17.4 Million of us knew  what we were doing when we voted leave: We voted to take back control of laws, land, borders and fishing waters. We voted to leave behind the EU, its bodies and  endless regulations to once again establish ourselves as a free and independent sovereign nation.

“Any Government or politician who truly put their own nation first would be telling the EU precisely how we’re going to leave, not waiting for them to tell us how in two years time.

‘No deal is much better than a bad deal’ Theresa May once said:  Agreed. In the current situation, surely that’s the only ‘true’ and ‘sensible’ Brexit for this nation”.


Batten appoints Hill as UKIP Spokesman for NI


Former UKIP Assembly Candidate and long-serving Councillor, Robert Hill has been appointed as UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland by UKIP Leader,     Gerard Batten MEP

Speaking after the appointment, Robert Hill said:

“I am delighted to represent the party in this role at a vital time and I look forward to welcoming Gerard back to Northern Ireland next month.”

“The Government and those that prop it up are failing to deliver the EU Exit that 17.4 Million of us voted for. Brexit means complete exit and that means no special status or half in arrangements.

“UKIP is the authentic party of true Brexit locally and nationally and we will continue to defend the democratic wishes of the people.”


 Commenting further, Robert added:


“Locally, we have well paid MLA’s, but no sitting Stormont Assembly. The old parties hold talks about more future talks; yet civil servants continue to make the key decisions on vital services with no direction. Where else would this happen?

“It’s clear from the past fifteen months of limbo that the structures and  current outdated model of devolution have failed us.

“It’s time for the Government to think again and look towards new models of Governance for Northern Ireland: One such idea  would be empowering the local council’s.

UKIP will outline our ideas and policies  in the weeks and months ahead.”

“There is a need for a patriotic, UK-wide movement standing up for the  people of this great nation.  UKIP has been and will continue to be that voice.”


Unionists need to recognise that NO deal is much better than a bad deal

Lest we ever forget the overwhelming reason we are leaving the EU is because the Nation decided to take back control of all our borders and assert the peoples right to self-determination. 
Time to take the gloves off Prime Minister. The ‘Brussels Bullies’ are kicking dirt in our faces. 

This month was always detailed in the calendar to be when the British Bulldog threw down the gauntlet to the EU. 

The attempts to annex the border from UK responsibility by designation by assignment illegally into Irish / EU territory will lead to provoking a Belfast Agreement backlash.

Some political veterans will recall an old election poster with the apt slogan of ‘6 into 26 won’t go.

‘A message of similar content needs to go out now saying for EU purposes that 6 into 27 isn’t going to work: Twenty seven EU countries boldly fronting an Irish land grab. 

This is not just a Brussels diktat, this is the end-game of Irish punishment tactics.

Dublin and Brussels are pushing Mrs. May to sell out Northern Ireland.

Wake up or lose your identity. ‘Soft unionists’ are swimming with the Alliance Party. ‘True Unionists’ must recognise Unionism’s right to demand that a No deal is better than a bad deal and remind the Prime Minister that these are her words.

New agreed arrangements for the future Governance of the Country need to emerge urgently following the final countdown to implement Brexit.
By David McNarry (Former UKIP MLA & Leader in NI)

One year on from London Bridge & there are still 23,000 known Jihadi extremists on our streets

One year on from London Bridge and there are still 23,000 known Jihadi extremists on our streets.

This week marks 12 months since the London Bridge terror attack, a combined vehicle and knife attack that saw five innocent people killed and 48 others injured, many of them seriously.
Thankfully, the police were able to intercept the Islamist extremists responsible for the attack and all three were shot dead. It was later discovered that the terrorists had a number of explosive devices in the van they had used and which were clearly intended for use as part of a planned, sustained attack.

One year on and, by the Home Office’s own admission, there are still 23,000 Jihadi lunatics and their supporters at large on our streets. Many of these people are either foreign or dual nationals who could’ve been rounded up and deported.

Sadly, that is not part of our government’s strategy and Britain’s front door remains wide open to more of them.

Earlier this week, Theresa May’s recently appointed Home Secretary, Sajid Javid told a Police Federation conference that the “UK faces two years of severe terrorism threat”

We actually face an indefinite period of severe threat from Islamist terrorism, because neither this government or any other formed by any of the Westminster legacy parties will do what is necessary to put an end to it.

The first step in dealing with any problem is always identifying the problem and, even if it is an uncomfortable truth, acknowledging exactly what it is. In his speech to the Police Federation, Javid did not mention Islamist extremism; by far and away the most prolific force behind terrorism right across Europe, once. There is the root of the problem we face in tackling terrorism.

However, Javid did say “we assess that the threat from extreme rightwing terrorism is growing”.

This is a deflective tactic designed to draw the focus of attention away from the real threat. The one the establishment  dare not mention for fear of causing offence. Within the context of UK law, the meaning of “terrorism” is set out in the ‘Terrorism Act 2000 (Section 1).’ There are no right wing groups in the UK who are doing anything that falls within that meaning.*

We’ve been here before. What Javid actually means is: ”In order to divert attention from the rising public awareness of the severe threat posed by Islamist extremism; we will invent yet another threat that does not actually exist, use that as an excuse to silence people with inconvenient political views and then we’ll put them in prison”.

This is the same situation we found ourselves in with the “grooming gang” scandals; political correctness preventing the authorities from acting. It is literally killing us.

* Whilst there are no “far right” groups engaged in terrorist activities in the UK, there is an extreme left wing group; Antifa, which often and openly engages in activities that would fall under the definition of terrorism. In fact, the United States Government has designated Antifa as a ‘domestic terrorist organisation.’

I have written to the Prime Minister, Home Secretary and Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police asking why no action has been taken against the UK Branches of this organisation and why it has not been proscribed. Sadly, I have received nothing but mealy-mouthed platitudes in response. It is noteworthy that Antifa and other left-wing extremist groups were not mention by Javid in his speech to the Police Federation. You could be forgiven for thinking that Antifa, who have violently attacked Brexit campaigners and protests against Islamist terrorism and grooming gangs, are being ignored because their antics suit the government’s own political objectives.

Virtue signalling will not keep us safe.


By Keith Lonsdale

Regional Secretary
UKIP Northern Ireland

Remoaners campaign of lies isn’t fooling anyone

On June 24th 2016, ‘remainers’ became ‘remoaners.’ Many (not all) leading figures from the remain campaign during the EU Referendum had made the decision  that democracy wasn’t for them any longer.  From that day to this point in 2018, we have seen court-cases, smear campaigns, unelected Peers voting down EU Exit legislation. We’ve seen the return to front line political campaigning of everyone’s favourite warmonger; Tony Blair and billionaires like George Soros and Richard Branson have been allowed to pour endless streams of money into a never ending reserve of pro-EU anti Britain propaganda campaigns.

The latest in a long line of such campaigns to be unveiled is the so-called ‘People’s Vote.’ This campaign, led by Anna Soubry and Chuka Umunna calls for another vote on any final Exit deal with the EU. The irony seems to be lost on this pair and their wealthy friends and backers; the ‘People’s Vote’ has actually happened and we, the people voted to leave the EU completely.

The EU are attempting to negotiate or non-negotiate Britain into submission to get the best outcome for their 27 member  superstate. Quite frankly, they have been allowed to do so by a very weak Government – led by a politician who wanted to remain in any case. The EU and its army of unelected bureaucrats have witnessed the spectacle of Mrs. May’s ‘negotiation’ tactics to date and they’ve been encouraged to conduct themselves in this manner with little to no resistance.

Ultimately however, the opportunity for the EU to play this dirty game has also been facilitated by non-democrats such as Blair, Clegg, Soubry and Umunna with their campaign of mistruths. They appear to be undermining the Government’s negotiating position at every opportunity. When they are having their cosy chats with Mr Barnier etc: Are they also deliberately misrepresenting UK public opinion?

Their ‘People’s Vote’ Campaign is disingenuous in the extreme. We’ve had a democratic vote, and we have made our minds up. There were two clear options on the table in 2016 and we voted leave. Leave means total exit, not a halfway house status.

If the EU refuses to negotiate a fair deal, then any Government that put its own nation first would  be pulling the plug, negotiating long-term trade and co-operation deals with Commonwealth and other (non EU) nations and walking away completely: Free, sovereign and independent of the EU.

Sadly, we have a political class stuffed full of quislings who prioritise their own status and pay packets over the long-term interests of this nation and its people.

As for the aforementioned ‘Remoaners’ and their ‘People’s Vote,’ they aren’t fooling anyone, as can be evidenced by even a brief glance at responses online so far to their campaign.  The more they try to block and frustrate the will of the people, the more credibility and votes they will lose. Woe betide any MP in a leave constituency who attempts to block the will of the people.

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten Calls For A Terrorism Memorial Day

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten said this today:

Gerard Batten UKIP

“On the anniversary of the Manchester Arena attack and the murder of Lee Rigby, I would like to add my voice,  on behalf of UKIP, to those calling for a Terrorism Memorial Day.

“Over many years we have experienced a growing toll of victims of senseless acts of terrorism from different perpetrators.  It would be fitting to remember all the victims on the same day.

“However, the day should not be used to express passive sentimentality towards these outrages but to focus our minds on the practical measures that need to be taken to combat terrorism and the ideologies that promote it.

“Sadly, the roll call of the innocent victims of terrorism is likely to be added to, however much we hope not, and remembering these people is of no use unless there is a resolve to tackle the causes of terrorism.

“Meanwhile we pay our respects and offer our sympathies to the victims and families of people such as the Manchester bombing and Lee Rigby”.

OPEN LETTER To Sir Vince Cable DEMANDING answers on Brexit policy

Dear Sir Vince,

I am writing to you regarding the second episode of the Channel 4 documentary, “Carry On Brussels” in which the Liberal Democrat MEP, Catherine Bearder is one of the featured characters.

In it, Ms Bearder is filmed actively encouraging the European Parliament’s lead for the Brexit negotiations, Guy Verhofstadt MEP and his team to work as hard as possible to make negotiations as difficult as possible.

This is of course a deliberate attempt to undermine the UK’s negotiating position and done knowingly in order to make life in the UK as difficult as is possible in the attempt to turn public opinion against the Referendum result.

Could you tell me if this is deliberate Liberal Democrat Policy over the Brexit negotiations, or was Ms Bearder working on her own initiative? If the former isn’t this a disreputable way of going about things, working deliberately against the interest of the Government with a foreign politician?

If the latter, what are you going to do about this freelance behaviour?


Yours sincerely,

Gerard Batten MEP,

UKIP Leader