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Make Brexit Happen

One last message before polling…

On 23rd June 2016 you were given a very simple choice. You could vote to remain or you could vote to leave.

Today, you will have the opportunity to vote again for the Party that was successful in giving you the referendum and has fought for the last 27 years to get the UK out of the EU.

Vote UKIP – Robert Hill 1

Until 2015 UKIP had been criticised for being a ‘one issue party’ but in 2015 we presented the nation with an incredible manifesto which put the everyday working person first. UKIP was here before the referendum and it will be here afterwards. We are consistent on leaving the EU, policy development and democracy, and is why we are safest place to cast your vote in any election.

Our members, activists, councillors, assembly members, our NEC and leadership team are desperate for the UK to leave the EU unconditionally under WTO terms. Our Leader, Gerard Batten has himself been fighting with the Party since the very beginning. You deserve a Party which is united on this, and our hard working activists deserve to bring home the winning number of MEPs this weekend.

If you joined UKIP to get out of the EU, then the choice is once again simple – Vote UKIP, Vote Robert HILL 1

In Northern ireland Vote Hill 1

Lisburn Canvass – Vote UKIP

Lisburn’s weekly market day was in full swing this sunny Tuesday morning when UKIP came to town.  Campaigning for Robert Hill, UKIP’s Northern Ireland candidate in Thursday’s European Election, our canvassers were soon all involved in detailed debate with local people about BREXIT and other issues relevant to this election.

All of us were aware of the a strong undercurrent of anger in this Leave-Voting city about the unpardonable delays and attempts to undermine the implementation of the 2016 Referendum.  “Just get on with getting us out now” was typical of the views expressed.  Many told us how they felt betrayed by our lame-duck Prime Minister, Theresa May, and by MPs and Peers in general.  People also told us they felt abandoned in the Brexit Debate by our Devolved Assembly members.  

We were loud and clear with our message that UKIP are the true party of Brexit and a first preference vote for Robert Hill on Thursday will send a clear message to both our devolved and national governments that the people had their vote in 2016 and will bode little more delay in the implementation of their decision.

Lisburn has always had a reputation for robust political debate and this was certainly in evidence this Tuesday morning.

#imvotingUKIP #VoteUKIP

Alliance Party – Another Low Point

In a letter to the Belfast Telegraph (May 20) Alliance MLA Paula Bradshaw attempts to link deciding how to vote in Thursday’s election with international collaboration on health and well-being and accuses those of us who are advocating a “no-deal” Brexit  of “callously playing with people’s lives, with no real care  for the consequences of [our] political games.”

Alan Love UKIP Lisburn

This is yet another low point for the Alliance Party when its representatives use scare tactics like Health to launch bigoted attacks on political opponents.  Ms Bradshaw also appears to imply that openly campaigning for a political end is worse than moving towards such an end with subterfuge.

International collaboration on health issues goes far beyond the ring-fenced self interest of the European Union.  Why shackle our nation to a protectionist corporatist empire when we can collaborate with the world.   Ms Bradshaw makes no attempt to explain why shrinking our horizons for international health collaboration would be beneficial to anybody.

Alliance is one of those parties which wants debate on great issues such as the constitutional freedom of our nation to be hi-jacked into the squalid Orange/Green squabbles that have plagued Northern Ireland for so long.

I agree with Ms Bradshaw that it is essential to get out and vote but to do so for UKIP’s candidate, Robert Hill, before transferring to other progressive pro-Brexit candidates.  UKIP represents true attention to the voice of the British people regardless of petty sectarian or ethnic divisions.

#imvotingUKIP #VoteUKIP

Kilkeel County Down

UKIP Northern Ireland Canvass in Kilkeel County Down. Kilkeel, like so many fishing towns throughout the United Kingdom, has been badly affected by EU fishing policies. Portavogie and Ardglass are other local examples.

When tiny nations such as the Faroe Islands are able to sustain a good standard of healthcare and excellent internet with only a 3% subsidy from Denmark, think what our fishermen could do for our nation given the substantial waters around our shores. Without the common fisheries policy and the exclusion of foreign trawlers from our fishing grounds, our fishing industry could quickly recover and become a substantial contributor to the economy.

Reclaim our stolen seas, Vote UKIP. Robert Hill 1

Kilkeel County Down, UKIP canvass

#imvotingUKIP #VoteUKIP

To  no one’s surprise,  the UK  was badly  treated when the quotas were divided  out in  1983. With  80 per cent of the  stocks,  it  got  an  allocation  of just  37  per  cent  by volume  –  representing  perhaps  as  little  as   12  per cent  by value.

Moreover, EU  law  does  not  even  allow  us to  reserve  these quotas for  our  own  fishermen.

The practice known as ‘quota-hopping’ is the purchase of UK boats  and  shipping  licences  by  foreign  companies  and  ship owners  to  exploit  UK quotas.   It  increased  substantially  after the  1986  accession  of  Spain  and  Portugal.   When  the Tory government tried to  make it impossible for quota-hoppers to continue to operate in  UK waters,  it  was  overruled  in   1991 by the European  Court  of Justice  (ECJ), stating that the  UK could  not lawfully  demand  residence and  nationality conditions  before  granting  vessels  British  registration:  this  is known as the Factortame  judgement. (Ray Finch – Stolen Seas)

Terror tragically takes another innocent life


Over the last few days, many of my age group will have been dragged back into past memories by the brutal murder of the young reporter –  (Lyra McKee) the latest victim of a hidden hatred that simmers in some hearts, well disguised by smiles and clever words.

Sadly today,  I already hear calls on the media for negotiations and talks with the masked cowards who brought so much hurt and suffering to so many.

I Personally believe that they need to be ostracized by all in society and hunted down by the forces of law and order.  Sadly, judging by their parades over Easter they still have support, and the authorities in the Irish Republic at least are happy with them parading in masks through their streets.
To try and change our future,  we all – no matter what creed, colour, religion or political belief need to sit down with our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews,  talk about terrorism and show them pictures of the funeral and let them see first hand the pain and suffering to family, friends, neighbours and indeed wider society.

Only by understanding the tragic consequences of our future actions can we be prevented from taking those actions.

By Robert Hill – UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland

BBC bias there for all to see

I notice with interest two stories in today’s press, and the obvious BBC hypocrisy and bias can be spotted a mile away.

In the first instance, a couple of soldiers fire shots at a picture of the terrorist supporter and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. They splash this clip over every news broadcast and bulletin in their continued attempt to demonise anything and everyone associated with the British army and our armed forces. 

In the second clip widely available on their platforms today, a so called comedian – Frankie Boyle continually jokes about the IRA killing politicians. This, the BBC deems as as suitable for airing on T.V. and then of course has since tried their best to brush under their (extreme left-wing) carpet.

This is just another in a long line of attemp by the Biased Broadcasting Corporation to demonise the British Army and another example of their continuation of facilitating the rewriting of our history.

If ever there was another reason needed, here’s one more clear reason to join UKIP to help in  our fight to scrap the licence fee and stop this tax forced upon us – and used to pay for the BBC brainwashing of our people and indeed the world.

By Robert Hill – UKIP Spokesman for Northern Ireland and Council Candidate in Newtownabbey (Macedon DEA)