Inspire YOUth at NDDO

UKIP North DownInspire YOUth is funded through the Ulster Skills and Opportunities Fund.

The programme is specifically targeted at 16-25 year olds currently not in education or employment; this programme is designed to assist with building  new found knowledge and expertise in business and enterprise by providing signposting, training and mentoring as well as a workplace within a local business, using local entrepreneurs as mentors to give an insight into self employment or enhance employability skills and add to a CV

The Inspire YOUth programme of support includes:

  • FREE support, advice and signposting
  • FREE 8 session Exploring Enterprise programme
  • 12 day placement over a period of 12 weeks with a local company to gain valuable work experience and knowledge
  • Funding to cover travel expenses for placement stage
  • 1:2:1 coaching and mentoring from local business entrepreneurs
  • Access to local young business owners and ambassadors
  • Help to plan your next steps ….

 We are running to information workshops over the next few weeks and hope to try and reach as many young people as we can and would really appreciate it if you could help us get the word out there.  I have attached our programme flyer and all information is outlined on our website.

Emma Pearson
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Tel:             028 9127 1525
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Fishermen betrayed

”Keeping UK fishers tied to EU for another two years will kill the fishing industry” says UKIP fisheries spokesman.

UKIP fisheries spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP has branded the Brexit transition deal a ”total betrayal,” saying, ”for fishermen there will be no Brexit, as the Tories have handed the EU even more power over their industry.”
Mr Hookem’s comments came after it was announced in a joint EU/UK press conference that the fishing industry would continue to be regulated by the EU throughout the transition period, with Britain only able to ‘consult’ on fishing rule changes.
Speaking from Brussels, Mr Hookem said the deal ”was a worst case scenario for fishers and coastal communities.”
Mr Hookem continued, ”rather than regaining the fishing industry, as is our right under international law, May, Davis, and their weak cohorts have actually further weakened our ability to make policy in UK waters.”
”When the EU say they will allow consultation on fishing rules, we all know that means the UK will be totally ignored. It’s bad enough at the moment while we are still part of the EU!”
”The simple fact is, the Tories betrayed the fishing industry on the way into the EU, and totally shafted the same sector on the way out.”
”While I have no doubts that those earning millions in the city each year will be celebrating this deal, many struggling fishers will know that this deal could mean the end of the line for them and their communities.”
”I am now calling on fishermen across Great Britain to unite on mass and match on Downing Street to protest this betrayal!”

Curiosity, but where is the cat

The whole Stormont debacle gets ‘curiouser’ and ‘curiouser’ as time goes on says UKIP Spokesman, Councillor David Jones

Cllr Jones said:

“We have had a series of talks over months with nothing being achieved other than critics of the Belfast Agreement, like ourselves, seeing this as proof it is past its sell by date.

A second Secretary of State is still faffing about on the MLA salary issue.

“Really any self-respecting unionist Party would have walked away from this charade by now- showing respect of the people who voted them in.

The controversy as to whether the DUP saw a document or not. So what if they did? Many documents float about – but what is important is what is finally agreed, or in this case, not?

“Perhaps the most striking indictment comes from evidence and subsequent disclosures on the RHI examination.

To learn that often during talks between the DUP and SF minutes were not taken. This beggars belief. Anyone who has ever been involved in any constituted groups know that a minute of the meeting is always kept.”

Commenting further,  Cllr. Jones remarked:

“I have been involved with voluntary groups, local government, Boards of Governors for many years and at each meeting, minutes are kept. This helps with monitoring decisions taken, what was suggested and the flavour of a meeting. It’s simply good governance.
“There lies the rub. ‘Good governance’ at Stormont has not been a strong point. What is very concerning is while SF did not want minutes- why did the DUP, (it is alleged) go along with it?

In the whole disquieting saga that is the issue that gives most concern.

Are we the electorate being conned?

We need reassurance from the unionist Parties now!

Support for the Family writes to UKIP

Raymond Stewart UKIP




























We expect you will all be aware of the rape grooming gangs that have been operating in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford, Telford and many other parts of the UK. The offenders are predominantly Muslim Pakistani men targeting non-Muslim girls and it has been going on for years. Lord Pearson of Rannoch (UKIP Leader Nov. 2009 – Sep. 2010) spoke in the House of Lords on Tuesday 13 March and described the situation as follows:

“… these girls are usually raped several times a day. If we accept the views of our lead police officer for child protection, of Rotherham’s MP and of the recent Jay and Quilliam reports, we are looking at millions of rapes of white and Sikh girls by Muslim men, only 222 of whom have been convicted since 2005.”

Like yourselves, we are hearing about rape grooming gangs from various media sources, but we would like to build our own knowledge base so that we can contribute to the current pool of data. We have supporters all over the UK and we would like to hear about what is going on around the country. If you have any information about what’s happening in your local area, from local media reports, personal contacts or situations that you know about, please get in touch with us. Everything you tell us will be held in the strictest confidence and will be anonymised, obscured, and reduced to statistics as required, and nothing will be published without your consent.

Subject to these conditions, we will have to decide what to do with the data when we see what comes in, but in the first place we will want to get people talking about this issue so that they can overcome their fear of being denounced as “racist”.

Mike Gascoigne

Secretary and Webmaster

Support 4 the Family

UKIP puts pressure on Government over rape gangs

Following the revelations of 40 years of child abuse carried out by rape gangs in Telford, and on the back tens of thousands of innocent child victims, almost entirely white or Sikh, in cities across the length and breadth of these islands, the leader of UKIP in the House of Lords will present an oral question to the Government on Tuesday 13th March about the failures of the authorities to deal with the situation and whether anything will be done to hold the failing agencies to account for those failings.

UKIP Northern Ireland
Lord Pearson

Lord Pearson will ask,

what assessment they have made of the national scale of the “grooming gang scandal”, including sexual exploitation of non Muslim children by Muslim men, as emerged recently in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford and elsewhere; and what steps they are taking to enable the prosecution of those in the police and local authorities who have failed to prevent it.”

Lord Pearson said,

“In 2014 the Jay report found that in Rotherham alone [pop. 110,000] some 1,400 “Kufar” [non-Muslim] white girls had been abused between 1997 and 2013. Girls who become victims of these gangs are usually raped several times a day, so we are looking at many thousands of rapes just in Rotherham.If we extend the picture in Rotherham to our other cities with large Muslim populations, the number of rapes becomes almost unimaginable.

“According to a recent Quilliam Report, there have been only 264 convictions for grooming gang crime nationally since 2005, with just 30 in Rotherham. It found that 84% of the culprits were “Asian men”.

“I fear I will be accused of ‘hate crime’ in the wording of the Question, because Muslims may say it makes them feel hated and victimised.

“But that is what our police and social services feared when they turned a blind eye to all this for many years. And it is still going on.

“So who are the victims?  What are our Muslim leaders and close-knit Muslim communities doing about it?

“Should we not at least start talking about Islam?”

Government failures on Casey will prove be a massive mistake

With appalling timing after the revelations out of Telford where 1000’s of girls were systematically raped and in some cases murdered over a period of 40 years by gangs of largely Muslim men, the Government has watered down the recommendations of the Casey report commissioned after the earlier Rotherham rape gang scandal.

Ukip Brexit spokesman Gerard Batten MEP during a press conference at the Ukip campaign shop in Stoke.


Gerard Batten MEP, the UKIP leader responded,

“The watering down of the Casey report recommendations on migrant integration will prove be a massive mistake.

“Mass immigration should be stopped now once and for all, and every effort made to integrate those migrants already here. The Government refuses to do either.

“The Government’s failure is the latest in a long line of failures that will have untold consequences for our country and way of life.”

“The recommendations were an attempt at least to address the consequences of decades of uncontrolled and unlimited immigration.

“We have imported millions of people who have failed to integrate into British society and in many cases have no wish to do so.

“Mass indiscriminate immigration and the failed doctrine of multiculturalism have created profound problems for Britain that will take generations to resolve, if indeed they can be resolved.

“The elephant in the room is the issue of the Islamic identity of millions UK citizens. An identity so strong among many if its followers that it cannot integrate or be absorbed into another culture.

“While we face massive problems created by past immigration we continue to admit people demonstrably unknown numbers.

“The Government’s failure to implement the modest recommendations of the Casey report show its refusal to confront the problem.

“Those problems are profound, the vilest manifestation of which is the nationwide plague of Muslim rape gangs.

“The recommendations were an attempt at least to address the worst aspects of the failure of some communities to integrate. Worse they should not even have been controversial as they would assist those most at risk.

“How can dropping her call all public office holders to swear an oath of allegiance to British values to combat extremism be anything other than reasonable, but this Government has dropped it. Why?

“It is plain common sense that all those who move to this country should be expected to learn English, if they don’t how can they become fully part of our society, and understand both the duties and obligations of living here. But the Government has dropped it. Why?

“Only a week after Neil Basu, the National Counter Terrorism co-ordinator has warned of the threat of extremism in ‘home-schooling’, more properly micro-schools the Government is dropping a register for all homeschooling.

“And to cap it all the Government is so unconcerned about the threat both of terrorism and they failures of integration that have led to the rape gang scandals that it has cut the prosed budget from £200 to £50 million.”

Mr Batten said, “It is hard to conceive of what is going through the Government’s head to drop these recommendations, let alone to understand it. The only message that they are giving out to the perpetrators of these heinous crimes is, OK then, we don’t have the courage to confront you, and we really don’t care that much, carry on.

“The Government’s failure is the latest in a long line of failures that will have untold consequences for our country and way of life.”

Tough times, but not for an MLA

Commenting on the Secretary of State’s decision to delay making a final decision on MLAs pay, to ‘consult with the parties first,’ UKIP Spokesman, Cllr David Jones said:

“I am not aware of any other business, organisation, sector or jurisdiction where full-time pay for a (just about) part-time job is the status-quo.

“In these tough times locally, many nurses, community workers, tradesmen, temp and retail staff across Northern Ireland are scraping by on lower incomes by working full time 9-5 jobs.

Yet we are faced with the warped situation here where we’ve no functioning Assembly or Executive – yet ninety MLAs remain and are handsomely paid full-time salaries and expenses; despite not carrying out the most basic function(s) of their job for roughly fourteen months.

“MLAs have spent just 46 minutes inside the Assembly Chamber they were elected to in the last fourteen months. It is unjustifiable for them to continue to receive full salaries and expenses.”

Councillor Jones added:

“We are calling on the Secretary of State to bring an end to this dithering and to take immediate action by ending the charade of full MLA pay for very little work.

“Furthermore, we believe Her Majesty’s Government should call time on this flawed, failed and expensive version of devolution which has long since run its course.”

Smoke and Mirrors

Dear Prime Minister,

A few inconvenient thoughts. Inconvenient for you at least, especially as they are widely held:

The agent identified as being used in this incident, Novichok, was developed by the Soviet Union and is not a single agent but, a “type” of agent.
This family of agents has been around for nearly 50 years and it is inevitable that others, including our own government and that of the US, have synthesised it at least for research and testing purposes.

The notion that the only source of this agent could be Russia is absurd.

You have not been able to categorically pin this on Moscow, because you clearly don’t have evidence enabling you to do so. We all know that had such evidence been available, you would’ve said so faster than my dear departed granny calling “house!” on a full bingo card.

We know we are being misled in order to divert our attention from Brexit and the exposure of the most serious case of industrial-scale child grooming, rape and murder that this country has ever seen and which has recently been exposed in Telford. Not only has this evil episode been exposed but, it is emerging that, yet again, the local authorities, including police and social services, knew about it and allowed political correctness to stand in the way of investigating these hideous crimes.

Notably, this attack also comes on the back of a visit from the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, who wants to sell LPG to the UK, probably in an exclusive deal. LPG is a commodity of which we currently buy a significant volume from Russia. What a coincidence.

Don’t take all of us for fools, Mrs May. We will not let this get in the way of investigating events in Telford and we will most certainly not let it hamper Brexit.

Kind regards

Keith Lonsdale


Bill Etheridge MEP in Belfast

Bill Etheridge MEP made the journey to Belfast 9 March, speaking in the Holiday Inn.

UKIP Northern Ireland
Bill Etheridge UKIP MEP for West Midlands

UKIP in Northern Ireland was delighted to welcome Bill to speak to us in Belfast. Do take the time to watch the video below in which he gives his thoughts on the Labour Party and the reverse Robin Hood status of wind turbines. Of particular interest to us in the Province is his utmost commitment to the Union.

Build new health village at Cascades, says Jones.

Scrap plans for a new leisure centre in Craigavon and build a health village in Portadown.

Portadown Times – Carmel Robinson

That was the message from local councillor David Jones – angered at what he believes is a lack of parity for ratepayers using leisure centres in Portadown and Lurgan,

Cllr Jones said future leisure plans should be reevaluated.

Following the announcement last week of a new £30m leisure village for Armagh and the ongoing controversy over plans for a £30m leisure centre in Craigavon, the UKiP councillor believes Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Council may be in breach of equality legislation.

He said the council didn’t properly look at the facilities in the other towns: “When it was the old Craigavon Council it just affected this area. Now that we are the ABC Council, it also affects people from Armagh and Banbridge.

“The result is people in Lurgan and Portadown are still going to be paying the same rates but they aren’t going to have the same facilities as the people from Armagh and Banbridge.

“Yes Cascades needs work done to it. It doesn’t have to be moved.

“I have suggested that the leisure centre have some attachment to the new health centre to make it into a health village that you could incorporate the whole thing together,” said Cllr Jones, adding that the health centre already refers people to the leisure centre.

Cllr Jones said that it wouldn’t be fair for people from Portadown who have been referred to a leisure centre for fitness should have to travel to Craigavon when many people don’t have a car and are unable to use public transport.

The UKiP Councillor criticised the lack of infrastructure to deal with a prospective leisure centre and college at the south Lakes site in Craigavon.

The councillor pointed out the population sizes of each area according to the last census: Armagh 30,000; Banbridge 33,000; Portadown 30,000; Lurgan 35,000 and Craigavon 25,000.

He said it was inequitable that residents in the former Craigavon Council area comprising 90,000 people were to be given a £30 million leisure centre – with the same amount spent on an new leisure village for Armagh which has a population of just 30,000.

Cllr Jones said: “I believe ABC Council could be in breach of equality legislation. While the decision was made by the legacy Craigavon Council. When Council became ABC area the population size increased.”

“Was an Equality Impact Assessment carried out by ABC Council and if not why not?” he asked.

Credit: Carmel Robinson Portadown Times