Jones Speaks at Brexit Rally

UKIP Northern IrelandUKIP Councillor David Jones addressed a Brexit Rally at Belfast City Hall on Sunday 14 January.

The gathering was to make our voices heard demanding a clean Brexit where the European Court of Justice has no jurisdiction over the United Kingdom. Jones also called for an end of free movement and declaring that we should pay an absolute minimum, if anything at all, for a trade agreement.

UKIP position on recent speculation is that a second referendum would be damaging to the nation.

Recently Gerard Batten MEP, UKIP’s Brexit spokesman said, “We had a clear result in the referendum, everybody knew what they were voting for and the Government made it plain that it was a once and for all decision that would be implemented.

Gerard Batten MEP – What is UKIP’s future?

UKIP Northern IrelandWhen UKIP was founded over twenty-four years ago, the people in the room did so with two main objectives: to make UKIP a force in national politics, and to bring about the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. The second was dependent on the first.  Following the General Election in 2015 we had certainly succeeded in the first objective, and by 23rd June 2016 it looked as though were close to succeeding in the second.

Nineteen months after the Referendum, UKIP has managed the political equivalent of repeatedly shooting itself in the foot with a pump action shotgun. Brexit is actually no closer than it was on 24thJune 2016, and indeed genuine exit from the EU is uncertain to say the least.

Regarding my first point, I have never underestimated the practical difficulties that we have faced. I never unduly criticised the Party or its officers concerning the genuine mistakes and shortcomings that have occurred. We all make mistakes, and over the years I have held my peace on many occasions for the good of the Party and our cause.

However, someone has to say it: some of the decisions made in the last few years and months can only be accounted for by either total incompetence or sabotage. Three recent examples being:

  1. Deliberately preventing candidates being selected in time to prepare for the 2017 General Election.
  2. Changing our long-established pound logo.
  3. Allowing us to be become liable in legal actions that could yet financially ruin the Party. Some of the officers responsible for those decisions are still in place or still exerting influence.

Despite all this (and more) UKIP did indeed become a force in national politics, so much so that we were able to force David Cameron to promise and hold the referendum. It was UKIP that brought about the referendum and UKIP activists’ boots on the ground that won it. It was not just the leadership of Nigel Farage that achieved and won the referendum, but also the incalculable time, effort and money of our activists and members. Those dedicated people have been let down – to say the least.

As I predicted in my book The Road to Freedom (2014) if a referendum were held, if the Leave side won, and if the government chose to leave using Article 50, then we would see a relentless campaign by the Remain side to delay and impede our exit in the hope of eventually overturning the result. This is precisely what has happened since 24th June 2016.

Many of our members, supporters and voters believed, quite wrongly, that we had achieved our reason for existing by the mere fact of winning the referendum, and they drifted away. However, it is now becoming clear to all that Brexit is in danger of not happening, and that a strong UKIP is needed more than ever.

Can UKIP salvage itself, and does it have a future? Our country certainly needs a political party that stands up for the ordinary working person and small business owner. It has been my conviction from UKIP’s beginning that our natural constituency is the patriotic working class. Those people (mostly, but not exclusively) were the people who voted leave in the referendum.

UKIP’s survival is about giving those people a voice. UKIP does not deserve to survive for its own sake but because those people are not represented by the old political parties.

I believe that to rejuvenate itself UKIP needs to continue doing certain things and to do some new things

  1. To say thank-you and goodbye to those senior officers who have caused so many of the difficulties we currently face.
  2. To reorganise our Party structure so that the National Executive Committee is not elected on the basis of two-hundred words and a flattering photograph. One idea is for regionally elected activists whose job is to recruit new members, raise funds, and organise elections, and who will be judged on results.
  3. To continue (as we have done since Paul Nuttall’s leadership) to promote a complete and unencumbered exit from the European Union. No Article 50, no more billions paid to EU, no transition periods and continued open borders. Brexit must mean Exit!
  4. To ditch the new ‘Lenny the Lion’ logo. Why would an organisation change its brand that has taken so many years to establish? Why confuse our voters at the ballot box? Incompetence or sabotage?
  5. To continue to argue the case for a strictly controlled and limited immigration system. We must have a commitment to end the age of mass uncontrolled immigration once and for all. We also need policies for housing, benefits, and the NHS that put our own citizens first.
  6. To promote economic policies that make ordinary working people feel that the economy works for them, not against them by reducing their livings standards in the interests of enriching a global elite. We need policies to address a reindustrialisation of Britain providing jobs for ordinary working people.
  7. To face up to the threat posed to our way of life by radical Islam. This means a policy of no more mass immigration from Islamic countries and policies to neutralise the influence of Islam; e.g. no more overseas funding of mosques and imams from overseas.
  8. To speak up against political correctness and cultural Marxism that are undermining all sense and sensibility in public life. We need a dedicated spokesperson on this subject.
  9. To increase our membership by adopting policies appealing to those who feel disenfranchised and unrepresented by our current political establishment; for example the police, the military, the prison service, the ordinary law-abiding tax-payer, small business owners, and the victims of crime.
  10. We need to use social media to recruit new members and spread our messages. I am the first to admit I know very little about how to do that but we need people who do.

Some of these things we are already doing but we need to do them all – and more. We cannot hope to beat the political establishment at its own game, or expect the politically correct left-wing media to promote us. If we bend to accommodate them, we will be irrelevant.

One thing we could do to appeal to a wider audience is to change the name of our magazine to ‘UKIPPlain Truth’.  If the British people need one thing, it is that. Our magazine needs more political and policy content to attract a wider audience.

The essential issue is not just the survival of UKIP, but also the survival of the UK itself.  Our country is in danger of not leaving the European Union at all; of selling its soul to the interests of global corporations; and of submitting our civilisation to what Winston Churchill called ‘the most regressive force in the world’, namely Islam.

UKIP came into being out of necessity: it filled a political vacuum. It was needed in 1993 and it is needed now. The question is can we reform ourselves to deserve to survive and serve our country?

No Second Referendum

UKIP Northern IrelandHenry Bolton has reiterated his and his party’s opposition to a second referendum, “UKIP policy on a second referendum remains unchanged. The party opposes a second referendum.”

“I am convinced that the Leave side would win a second referendum, should one be held, with an even larger majority than before. Many remain voters can now see that the campaign led by the then Prime Minister and Chancellor as deliberately misleading. We have also seen greater investment and growth in a number of sectors since the summer of 2016. We are already seeing the benefits of leaving the European Union.

“None the less, to hold such a referendum would be to call into question the decisive importance of the largest democratic exercise ever held by this country and the unambiguous mandate the people gave the government on that day – the mandate take us out of the European Union. Such a second referendum would set a precedent for revisiting any democratic decision made in future; it would undermine the fabric of our democratic principles and would weaken the clarity and effectiveness of democratic decision.

“A second referendum would be damaging to the nation.”

Gerard Batten MEP, UKIP’s Brexit spokesman said, “We had a clear result in the referendum, everybody knew what they were voting for and the Government made it plain that it was a once and for all decision that would be implemented.

“The government needs to get on with the long overdue job of getting us out of the European Union without further delay”

UKIP Continue Campaign for Longer Jail Terms

The release of a violent sex offender, known as London’s Black Cab Rapist, after serving just eight years in prison, has been condemned by UKIP’s new Shadow Cabinet Member for Home Affairs.

Richard Bingley, a security expert who has campaigned to scrap early release schemes for violent offenders, said:

“The release back into the community of this debased and dangerous individual is an indictment of our ineffective Crown Prosecution Service and this government’s continued cuts to police investigators.

“Moreover, the fact that his many victims were not informed prior to his release, is potentially itself a breach of law. There is a duty to warn and a duty to protect by public authorities and I’m sure victims’ and their lawyers will be looking at this.

“There can be no excuses within the CPS. It doesn’t matter how under-resourced staff and managers are. Those responsible for this appalling lack of judgement should be sacked.”

Mr Bingley added:

“This serial rapist was sentenced to an indefinite sentence only back in 2009. Yet he was convicted by a jury for several rapes and police detectives have linked him to several dozen more. The ‘indefinite’ sentencing tariff needs changing. Too often it’s used to get violent offenders out of secure units and back onto the streets.”

“Time and again, Labour and Conservative MPs and pretend to be surprised when awful crimes are committed by repeat offenders. But they are the MPs who do nothing over decades about these absurdly soft and hazardous laws.

“In the interests of public safety a basic jail sentence of 30 years should be the bare minimum for such a disgusting and dangerous individual. Instead, the human rights of a rapist are put before those of vulnerable women in Theresa May’s delusional ‘strong and stable’ Conservative Party.”

Jones declares it’s time to go

To be in a New Year it seems we have dragged into 2018 a raging sore from 2017.

All things may change but the Stormont juggernaut keeps rolling on.

A day into the New Year and another talks process in being mentioned.

The DUP say no pre-conditions with Sinn Fein, well just being Sinn Fein.

The cynic would of course say talk of talks has no doubt been encouraged by the threatened reduction in MLA’s wages while the same MLA’s would exclaim in horror they are busy with constituency work. Be that as it may that is not what they were voted in for and anything else is a crass misuse of the democratic system.

Here’s an idea to resolve the issue.

The DUP, with their new found Government influence, advise the PM charades are for Christmas and they have no intention of playing along with this one. They then introduce their ideas and a new, fit for purpose, form of Devolution, including voluntary coalition, and let those  Party’s who wish to be part of it to do so, those who don’t to remain outside. SF exercise that right at Westminster so why not at Stormont? As an incentive to be part of the process those wanting to abstain lose all payments/expenses at Westminster and Stormont.

Could or would it work?

One thing is for sure we simply cannot allow our elected representatives to continue in the same old way. We may have voted for them but it is time to say enough is enough. They should no longer continue to abuse this power. Our elderly, vulnerable, Education and Health services plus the very fabric of society deserve better.

Time you, the people, let them know you will no longer tolerate this ‘comedy of errors.’

Jones comments on waiting times

UKIP Northern IrelandExtended waiting times at A&E and out of hours over Christmas and the New Year.

NHS in crisis.

Royal College of Nursing explains the shortage of beds and nursing staff will lead to increased pressures on hospitals as we move into the New Year.

Twelve months since a Minister for Health has been in post at Stormont. Even after reports on the Health Service and uncertainty with budgets they still trundle on talking about talks. Not much comfort  for those waiting at A&E.

We have had enough of puffed up MLA’s collecting salaries under false pretensions.

Time for The Assembly to go.

Time for MLA’s to do the honest thing and resign!

Lord Adonis’ resignation

UKIP Northern Ireland
UKIP Northern Ireland

Jill Seymour – Member of the European Parliament for the West Midlands today welcomed Lord Adonis’ resignation, as he obviously appears to be a negative thinker.

The country should be endeavouring to work towards a return to successful international trade and not trapped solely within EU control.

Lord Adonis is a part of our country’s elite who is pro-HS2, pro-Remain and he ridicules the 17.4 million leave voters who are the democratic majority, which is increasing daily due to the negative contribution being made by Lord Adonis and his like-minded colleagues. It is his contribution to the white elephant project HS2 that has brought so much despair and misery to thousands of individuals, whose homes, livelihoods and businesses have been destroyed by this extortionate and out of date project.”

“It is ironic that he accused Theresa May of being UKIP’s voice in Westminster – had this been the case she would have walked away on June 27th 2016 and saved our country a multi billion pound one sided divorce bill. She would also have had the confidence to cancel HS2 and focus on our NHS and housing crisis, which are UKIP’s objectives”.

Lord Adonis should again note the 17.4 million (Popular public opinion) are proud of our tolerant society and heritage.

It’s Not Racist To Tell The Truth About Muslim Grooming Gangs

UKIP Northern IrelandA new report by Quilliam International has found an alarming level of over-representation of (South) Asian men in group-based child sexual exploitation (CSE) crimes, otherwise known as ‘grooming gangs’. The Quilliam thinktank spells out, the “Asian men” who target white teenagers and young adults do so “on the basis of their vulnerability, rather than as a result of a preferential sexual interest in children”.

In many of the case studies looked at, members of gangs were often related by “blood or community” and when Quilliam analysed 58 grooming gangs, they found that 84 per cent of their members were Asian and 70 per cent of those were of Pakistani heritage.

John Bickley, UKIP’s Immigration and Integration spokesman said: “The Quilliam report, written by two men of Pakistani heritage is shocking. It shows how decades of Tory, Labour and Liberal Democrat support of multiculturalism and political correctness (coupled with a fear of being labelled racist) has led to a situation where it is thought that up to 40,000 mainly white girls have been the victims of CSE  by mainly Pakistani Muslim men. Much of the rape and abuse has happened  in constituencies and council wards represented by Labour councillors and MPs.

Within the political sphere it is well known that Labour has invested much effort in nurturing the votes of many ethnic communities upon whose votes Labour  is now reliant. Labour has scores of Muslim MPs and councillors, many in areas where the worst CSE crimes have taken place. Labour appears to have turned a blind eye to the appalling rape and abuse of mainly white girls rather than confront the perpetrators and their communities for fear of losing influence,  votes or being accused of being racist. It is all too easy to come to the conclusion that the Labour party has taken the white working class vote for granted, turned its back on CSE within its traditional heartlands and decided not to ‘upset’  the Muslim communities which Labour depends on for supporting it core vote.”

Allison Pearson, the Daily Telegraph journalist who is at the forefront of standing up to the ‘grooming gang’ culture wrote: “The Quilliam report is written by Haris Rafi and Muna Zainab, both of Pakistani heritage, so it’s pretty hard to accuse them of demonising Muslims. Rafi admits he thought the problem was “being overstated, but it isn’t…. Facts are facts.

What they found was, indeed, racist. Perpetrators viewed their young victims as “white trash available for sex”. The whiteness of the girls repeatedly came up in the trials of grooming gangs, their miniskirts, their loathsome availability. Quilliam traces this contempt to cultural norms still prevalent in some communities in South Asia where women are viewed as commodities, pristine custodians of a family’s honour, instead of human beings”.

John Bickley said, ‘Part of the solution to the ‘grooming gang’ culture and CSE is for local authorities and their institutions (the police, social services and education authorities) to be merciless and unforgiving in their determination to stamp out these appalling abuses and crimes. They cannot allow either political correctness or fear of being labelled racist to stop them from responding to reports of CSE from any part of their community. They must follow the evidence wherever it leads them, without showing fear or favour’.