Hong Kong Protests

Before the Cold War had formally come to an end and tanks were moving in on Tiannamen Square, it seemed like democracy, pure and free were prerequisites for economic success…. Read more »

Lets Find Lisa

From @LetsFindLisa This little keyring is my daily reminder of my beautiful sister. Every time I look at it my heart aches. My mind wanders to where she could be,… Read more »

Pension for Terrorism

How is it justifiable that a terrorist can be classified as a victim, and would, therefore, be eligible for a victim’s pension. It’s extremely difficult to comprehend that our (taxpayers)… Read more »

Green Policies Rob the Poor

Yet another superb speaker at UKIP South East Conference, its now the turn of Neil Hamilton AM Neil highlighted the changes in so called Green policies over the years beginning… Read more »

UKIP SE Katie Hopkins

Superb speech by Katie Hopkins at UKIP South East conference dinner. Interesting to hear how her life has been shaped by illness and the vile treatment she and her family… Read more »

Queen in Pocket not on Wall

The Northern Ireland Office paid a senior civil servant £10,000. How would you like to complain about being offended by someone or something, and get to a month touring Australia for your… Read more »

12th Of July

Celebration Of King William’s victory at the Battle of the Boyne Wishing the Orangemen, Black men, Bands and followers a peaceful and glorious 12th of July. May the parades be… Read more »